Paving the way to e-mobility & energy storage…

With Lithium – Ion battery technology

The Advantages of our I2CP batteries

A perfect balance between 3DBattery proprietary integrated Ion-conductive polymers coupled to perfection with high energy electrodes and unique electrolyte. This allow us to offer:

High Energy


Great Cont.
Power Output

Long Lasting
Cycle Life

Our innovative journey

Solid Cells - Solid Future.

Revolutionizing the world. One battery at a time.

3D Battery designs, develops, and manufactures environmentally-friendly energy storage solutions. 
Through innovative research and smart material engineering, we produce batteries that are reliable, greener, and cheaper compared to traditional batteries.

The future is green

We recognize our place as part of a wider environmental system that is affected by- and effects- all humans. In accordance with our values, we have developed a clean & green, carbon-neutral production process, powered by nature.

3DBattery cells - At Scale

Our mission is simple – to create a fast & efficient production line in record time. Our plan, put simply, is to ramp up production using green energy solutions and smart engineering, in order to open the world’s first 3D battery Giga-factory by 2024.

The Team

Our research team is composed of an elite unit of chemistry & electrochemistry Doctors (Ph.D), working hand-in-hand with our top material engineers to create the best batteries in the world. 

The future is here!

Let’s get in touch

Our research, our team and our mission is to help create a greener world. Join us in aour mission.

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