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3Dbattery – Solid Cells, Solid future

Powering the lithium-ion battery revolution

Lithium-ion batteries have been commercially used for several decades. If prices have massively dropped, relative little technology progress has been made… at least nothing ‘disruptive’ … until now…

3Dbattery gathers some of the best experts in the world with the common ambition to revolution battery technologies and to be able to offer the world true sustainable solutions.


Our battery unit – The vehicle for sustainable energy

Today, the most challenging and interesting application of battery is BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle. BEV standards are very tough; they require long life cycling (15 years target), high capacity to guarantee vehicle autonomy, high-power density, fast-charging compatibility, etc. while guarantying ethical and environmental sustainability, recycling, circular economy, etc.

This is what all car manufacturers want, this is what we can offer.

While most battery start-ups and R&D companies focus on the optimisation of a very specific part of the battery, 3Dbattery has an inclusive view of the complete product, making sure that lithium-battery cells use at each level the best available technology. 

For this, our expert team has been developing in house not only the best materials and chemistry, but also package all our knowledge and experience through innovative manufacturing processes and methodologies.

Our technology relies on two main pillars:

  • Liquid electrolyte with a proprietary 3D microarchitecture combined with silicon-doped anodes and innovative additives 

  • Solid-State with a unique and innovative ion conductive solid electrolyte

Our batteries outperform any current commercially available cell and is at the forefront of R&D and innovation. Thanks to our team of experts, we today manufacture our own 3Dbattery cells offering state-of-the-art battery life cycle, high energy and power density, safety, cost-effective solution and enabling fast charging to level-up any car manufacturers into their next EV generation.

Our mission – Produce the world’s leading lithium-ion battery

We will lead the 21st-century energy revolution, one battery at a time

Developing in our laboratory the best battery technology was a first step. But our objective is (and has always been) to massively produce our cells and become one of the top recognised worldwide producers of lithium-batteries.

Manufacturing our own cells gives us the insurance that our technology leads to sustainable and ethical products, controlling the supply chain, empowering recycled-material and powering our plants with renewable energy to preserve our environment.

It is important for us that our collaborators, partners and customers share our vision of a sustainable and better future. Together, we will change the world, one battery at a time.

Meet the team

An exceptional team of relentless researchers and materials engineering has gathered together to do what they know the best: Build brilliant batteries.

The people behind 3DBattery do what they excel in while building an amazing atmosphere with like mind people

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