3D Battery aims at developing our own Gigafactory for our diverse customers. Our objectives are:

  • to build full capabilities of automatic battery cell production
  • to mutualize resources leading to cost optimization, simplification in the supply chain and sustainability. This also offers more opportunity for recycling

However, scaling battery production from Megawatt to Gigawatt requires a deep understanding of  the battery production Process. That is why 3Dbattery has commissioned its demonstrator manufacturing line which allowed the company to produce fully commercial cells in standard casings.


Our scaling strategy

From the current pilot scale demonstrator line, 3Dbattery is developing a small scale pilot automated Mega-factory allowing us to test high-volume production processes in an easily controlled environment. 

The last step is to develop a large Gigafactory allowing to scale-up processes developed in our “pilot-gigafactory”.The “pilot-gigafactory” is key in our strategy because it allows us to quickly test any new battery manufacturing machines or methods without affecting our main production pipeline.
Once processes are fully understood and handled, they can be switched to the main Gigafactory.

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