Our Values


There is no reason for batteries to be harmful for the environment, would it be in their production, during their usage or after their lifetime. 3Dbattery technology and manufacturing are developed with a vision of a better and, more sustainable future. From green-energy powered production plants to large inclusion of recyclable materials, our batteries aim at minimizing our environmental impact. Our production line is monitored to lower carbon footprint. Our supply chain makes sure to respect the planet and the people.

Strong Technical knowledge

Our mission is to develop batteries that will help us avoiding an environmental disaster. We believe that the basics of this revolution are strong knowledge, education and technology understanding. Our team of internationally recognised chemists and electrochemists together with our engineers are determined and united in our mission for a better world. Our knowledge to support a better and solid future

First Principle Thinking

Our unique working method and group thinking process is what stands at the core of our ground-breaking developments. Our R&D team employs first-principle thinking, stepping away from the conventional way of doing things and reimagining new ways to do what everyone else does - only better.


In an ever-changing market, the ability to adapt, change and incorporate new technological developments is a paramount for success. Our team incorporates out-of-the -box thinking and production flexibility that allow tackling obstacles in real time, and growing from challenges.

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