Why Green Battery

Slowly, the world realizes how our civilization daily damages the planet. Everyone needs to reduce our environmental impact and we, at 3Dbattery, believe we can do a lot. We are willing to develop and manufacture new batteries to cope with this challenge. Transportation (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, marine, aviation) is a major contributor of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Based on renewable energy, electrification has the ability to limit both local pollution (particles, NOx, etc.) and Greenhouse Gas emissions. Batteries are key in the greener energy transition. One major critic about Electric Vehicles is the environmental footprint of battery production and lack of recycling. 3Dbattery created a sustability strategy which meets this challenge and will help OEMs and other manufacturers in their clean energy transition

3 different strategies to further secure a better future

We insist on green battery production

We believe that there is no point in innovating if what you create does not benefit our planet. Our research does not only consider the positive impact of better batteries (higher energy density, longer lifetime, etc.), but also considers all environmental aspects of production. Our team analyses the complete supply chain to create business value with the best environmental benefits from our innovation. This includes, for example, sustainable production methods, ethically and eco-friendly raw material sourcing, renewable energy, waste minimisation, usage of recycle material when possible and the insurance that our products are fully recyclable.

We produce using renewables

Our current facilities as well as our future plants are powered with a large amount of renewable energy supported by the clean energy produced by Israel

We promote circular supply chain

Every point in our supply chain is scrutinized by our sustainability and ethics team. This not only includes how and where raw material is sourced but also the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. We make sure that our supply chain is aligned with our values including ethics, respect for nature and reduced carbon footprint and as well as maximised usage of recycled materials.

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