The demand for high-quality batteries is exploding: it is estimated that 9 Tera-Bytes of battery power are needed to satisfy the yearly demand for batteries.

Various applications and customers require different specifications but, generally speaking, batteries are expected to become more performant (high energy/power density). Some markets are particularly challenging such as Electric Vehicles requiring advanced battery technologies to power electric motors over hundreds of km. 

3DBattery is exactly at the right place to supply those growing demands for high-quality batteries with any specification needed.Our batteries are significantly more long-lasting, have a higher capacity, enable faster charging time, and offer higher energy density than any traditional batteries.


Better batteries provide a competitive advantage for electric mobility: EVs, E-bicycle, E-scooter and 3Wheelers. Our batteries were invented with electric mobility in mind: economic advantage (cost efficiency, $/kW-h), life time (to satisfy battery warranty), high gravimetric energy density (to allow longer range in km), fast charging (for customer convenience) and safety. 3D-battery technology is the perfect choice for any electric vehicle manufacturer.

Energy Storage (ESS)

Renewable energy production highly fluctuates depending on local conditions. Unfortunately, more sun does not necessarily mean more energy as the grid cannot always absorb a too high quantity. Storage of energy is an absolute necessity to regulate and optimise the electrical grid in a cost-effective and durable way. Our Si-anode batteries are the best technical choice for this. Our energy-storage packs based oon I2CP technology allows to store energy from sustainable sources for later use, thus maximizing renewable energy benefits.

Wearables, Appliances & Portable Devices

The use of wearable equipment such as hearing aids, smart watches, smartphones and personal portable computers (laptops) has been exponentially expanding for more than two decades. Our batteries are uniquely designed for safety and high specific energy capacity to suit the needs of wearable and. portable device users.

Green Battery Production

The green revolution is sweeping the world, and batteries are marching in the front-line to lead the world to a better, greener future. Better batteries are the key for the electrification of polluting gasoline-guzzling machinery, and can help us store green energy for later use, allowing the world to rely more and more on sustainable energy sources. We recognize our place as part of a wider environmental system that is affected by- and effects- all humans. In accordance with our values, we have developed a clean, green, carbon-neutral production process.

1. Climate Focused Innovation

The environmental impact of production is a focus point for our researchers and developers. We take into account not only the positive impact of better, more energy-dense batteries but also the possible negative impact of non-sustainable production lines. Therefore, we focus a great deal on innovation and research into sustainable production methods, including a high reliance on green energy sources, highly recyclable batteries and finding new ways to incorporate recycled materials in our production line. Our research is also focused on reducing waste and processing it to reduce its environmental impact.

2. Circular Supply Chain

Every point of our supply chain is scrutinized by our sustainability & ethics team, from the raw material source to shipping and energy usage impacts. We are careful to source our raw materials from fair trade sources only, with an emphasis on ethical & sustainable supply chains, including reduced carbon emission shipping and recycled raw materials.