Why Israel?

A small country, with ambitious dreamers makes Israel as the perfect place to build a battery technology pioneer and an innovative manufacturer, Just like 3DBattery

Green Oasis in The Desert

With 300+ sunny days a year and over 10% of its energy produced from renewable sources (estimated to reach 30% by 2030), Israel is one of the sunniest countries in world, providing high amount of clean renewable energy. Main advantage for choosing Israel for 3DB's battery facility

  • Large quantity of green energy from solar panels (lot of space, lot of sun)
  • Dry region ideal for reliable battery manufacturing
  • Harbour which makes 3DBattery at the centre for an efficient and clean supply chain

Technology hub

Israel is a “startup-friendly” environment gathering lot of brilliant scientists with high-expertise and highly ambitious. This specific eco-system is perfect to develop start-ups with international influence. Main advantages of Israel for a start-up development are:

  • Diverse population
  • Experts and Creative thinkers
  • Startup powerhouse

Strategic position at the heart of 3 continents

Strategic location makes Israel a meeting point for different ancient and current trade routes from all around the world. Both the import of raw materials and the potential accessibility to different seaports will reduce the battery expenditure and carbon footprint Main advantage of Israel in terms of geograpical positioning are:

  • Flexabile source for raw material
  • Proximity to diverse clients
  • Transport from/to 3 seaports in 2 continents

3D Battery was born in Israel and embeds not only key technologies but also the heart of our developers into a green solution, This will ensure the transition into cleaner future, for Israel and the entrie planet.

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